Nigerian Men And Their Catcalling Rights

Cat calling

Nigerian boys and their catcalling rights, I can say 99% of Nigerian girls have been catcalled. I mean, it’s almost like a norm now, it’s like the sun shining on our golden skin or drinking water, I tell you. It has gotten to an extent that we are used to it and fact is that it can lead to physical abuse.


I went to the clinic for my test results, that’s why I’ve been away, I was terribly sick. During my recovery phase I needed to get some more tests done so I decided to walk back home,the hospital is close.


Getting close to my estate gate, I started breathing heavily because I was getting scared, I’ve had an encounter with one of the vendors there before during my internship, I was walking to my estate, I couldn’t get a keke napep to take me to my gate, Walking home irritated at the keke napep driver, the people I work with and very hungry, I suddenly heard

ehs, fine girl, sister, fine girl!.


I completely ignored this rude remarks and the next thing I heard is

why you they form?  See how you dey waka sef na you we they call since and you no answer… We know you o…

Did you hear that? They know me! I did not even care if they we’re lying or not. I was so scared because they sounded angry. I increased my pace and got home safely. Since then I avoided that place.
I didn’t know I was so scared until I could feel my heart beat when I was coming back from the hospital and I was so disgusted at how scared I felt for something that is totally wrong.



Another case was when my girlfriends came to visit me and we were going, still in my estate and some construction workers were shouting

Fine girls, make I come collect your number?

Another was when one stopped me and was saying he has seen an angel today, that day my grandmother was looking better than me. I’m not even exaggerating.

I don’t go out much so most of my outings in Abuja were during my Intenship, there was a day I clearly remembered that a man with children that he picked from school stopped for me. I was disgusted, he left just looking at my face.



A man once ran after me to the hospital that I was doing my internship from a complex to give me his card after I refused to give him my number, somebody’s father running after a lady because of number, he said I just want to admire you please.. I was wearing a body hugging leather skirt and he did not look at my face all through. His eyes were all around my body, Disgusting.


We were at shop rite the other day and a guy came to meet my friend, she completely ignored him then he left and another bleached out rugged looking guy came and said his brother wants her number she ignored him and we were going up and down looking for what to get and this uncle continued following, she later told him that she does not have a phone and he said it’s not possible and stood there when I was picking something asking for her number, how rude!


He stood there demanding her number, with every nerve & right in this world as if she owes him her number!  Like!  I was so irritated I almost screamed at him, he left with shame cause he obviously got nothing.



The thing that scares me about catcalling in Nigeria is the way men get angry when they are being ignored and start insulting the girls, how did we get to a point where if a man says hi to me on the streets I have to say hi back because I’m scared he might get angry & physical, if he should hurt me,I will be asked why I’m wearing a tight skirt or why I’m wearing boxers to take a walk.


It’s sad and totally disrespectful first of all that a man can walk up to a lady and just talk to her, or call her from a distance and call her names. How did we get here?
How do we change these things? because as normal as this is things can escalate real quick, and I don’t want my sisters getting hurt when these aggressive bastards get angry.


What should an average Nigerian girl do when being catcalled and called names because we are tired of snubbing, snubbing does not work!  They just keep on doing these things.
It’s wrong, sad and a very terrible thing that should be erased.


This is an issue that truly bothers me and other girls out there, Nigerians or not, I hope you read this and
you reply on what you think can be done, Thanks in advance, I’ll love to hear from you, you know this!




17 thoughts on “Nigerian Men And Their Catcalling Rights

  1. Sometimes me i don’t snub them o I answer right back..
    If you have ever been to alaba international market then you will know that you can’t just ignore them because most of those igbo guys can be very rude and they have no respect/regard for women.
    A friend once used a slippers to beat one for touching her and grabbing her arms unnecessarily.

    1. She used slippers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      OMGGGG, I’m so proud of her, I want you people’s mind when things want to start getting physical I chicken away 😢

  2. I can relate to this on so many levels. Its cus everyone is quick to say its the girls fault. Our Nigerian men are so empowered by both men and women (which is honestly why we are still here) nd they are made to feel entitled. Like fam😕😕
    I’ve gotten very verbal with them o. God help them they touch me. I hve a pocket knife nd killer tendencies. Im jk. Im 5’3 but you get the point.
    This post spoke to my soul✨✨✨

    1. Killer tendencies 😂😂😂😂😂 My lord..I’ve always wanted to get a pocket knife for security reasons, I’m going to stop saying and actually get one ASAP

      You’re so right about Nigerian men being empowered in such terrible ways

  3. This is one of the reasons I hate going to the market…I hate it so much. Especially those ones that talk with their hands. I was so upset one day, I stopped and talked them dirty…they did not believe it and I said if any of them try to touch me again, I will scream ‘Kidnappers”

    It can really be annoying, disgusting and frustrating. I personally feel irritated when someone touches me randomly.

  4. Most times I tend to ignore them, it really has become so normal that I legit don’t even hear it sometimes – like background noise. When you however reach out and grab me or touch me, no matter how lightly, then that is another issue. I used to pass thru tejuosho market area alot and I don’t joke when I say I have stabbed atleast 4 different guys with a pen on different occasions. It is a very disgusting habit and it is so sad how normal it has become.
    Nice post…xxx

  5. It gets so frustrating like for real all I wanted to do was buy my things and leave the market and under that hot sun one jobless person will be romancing your hands as if he borrowed you money to come to the market or how guys these days feel the need to harass you over your phone number like they got you the SIM card. Tbvh it’s completely disrespectful and irritating and for years they’ve been blaming the girls for what they wear and all but let’s be real it doesn’t matter how you dress anymore or how much attention you give or don’t give to them it’s just a very stupid and uncivilized thing to do.

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