Movie Review – Alter Ego

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Today I’m sharing a movie review, it’s something I’ve never done before and I really just felt like I should do a review for this Nigerian movie Alter-Ego.
I’m not big on Nigerian movies, I watch them once in a while, October 1 resurrected my hope in Nollywood and since then I’ve watched some pretty good ones. Especially the funny Yoruba movies, who else loves those?


Sometimes last week when I was still in school, I went to the cinema with my friends to watch Alter Ego, we got there late because of traffic, about 10 minutes late and I do not like missing 1 sec of my movie, I decided not to watch again but my friends wanted to, you know girls, they practically forced me to and I was glad I did.


I watched the trailer so I knew it was about rape and a sex addict lawyer, that was what interested me, there are not a lot of good movies that’s centered around rape victims.

Alter Ego follows the story of Adaora Igwe, a lawyer who specializes in defending less privileged sexually abused victims. She uses unorthodox methods to see that sex offenders and molesters are punished in or outside of the court.


Omotola who played Adaora Igwe wore the character in an amazing way as usual and there we’re some yummy guys I’ve never seen before, (forgive me I’m not big on Nigerian movies) I think I started the movie with where she was helping a young girl that was raped by her landlord get justice, then she had sex with her sister’s man and felt irritated then told him to leave, she was a sex addict which was later linked to the fact that she was raped as a little girl by her disgusting PHE teacher. She was a victim of physical & emotional abuse.

She also slept with her gardener and driver then sacked them. Then came, Timothy, a billionaire philanthropist, Wale Ojo wore his character to perfection, his acting was brilliant and beautiful, the man is fineeeee, Sugar daddy material…Just saying. *winks

She opened up to him and they started getting together until he was accused of rape, she was told that he raped some girls that he promised to help and Ada had the tough decision of choosing to believe the girl or sticking with her man who seems like a decent man.

That’s where I’ll stop with the story and chip in my criticism.

Rape is a subject that is close to my heart, I feel like people do not fully understand the pain of rape and the process of healing, it’s mostly joked about on social media and the victims are being blamed.  So when making a film dedicated to rape, it’s important not to touch anyone’s nerve, that did not happen in this movie, they we’re careful enough to put the blame in the right place.


But one thing that could have been done was to get the audience more emotionally attached to the characters, there we’re a lot of story telling that a little visual play would have made the audience more connected,  when Ada was raped as a girl, they should have acted that part instead of telling us the story, show people what rape feels like, the violence, the bitterness, the tears, the disgusting thing that it is. When the girl that accused her man of rape was telling her story, a visual representation was shown but watching the movie with all my attention, I was not super emotionally connected to the characters to feel their pain in the closest way possible.
The movie is not as sexual as the thriller has it, it was a well cut and produced thriller and the ending part was somewhat confusing.

The relationship between her and Timothy making it difficult for her to believe the girl that accused him was almost non existent for me, we saw them together in several scenes but a scene dedicated to both of them being vulnerable, actually in love was not there, I didn’t feel their love.


This movie was an okay (good) one, lots could have been done to make it better but I salute the writer & producer and I really love the name of the movie and awareness & education it brings to rape.


What are your thoughts on my movie review?  Want more movie reviews?  Watched alter Ego? What did you think about the movie?  I’ll love to hear from you.