When His Head is About To Go Down


I look at you with tears of time in my eyes

Because I see your head going down and even if I have explained to you that I am a war zone.

I fear you don’t understand what I mean

You see,

There are patches in every corner.

Dark scars in terrible shapes,

You’ll see how my roof tried to stay up but collapsed when he forced his way inside me.


You’ll see darkness, suffering & pain like you’ve never seen before

So when you say

Your words will be my cement,

Your kisses my wood




Your love, all the water & Equipment I’ll ever need

I fear.


So, please

If the darkness is making you blind

And my pain too great to help bear


Let go.


Let me continue mixing the little water and cement I have.

I’ll rather do this alone than to use your cement, and forever keep wishing I had more.


©Funke Olotu


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