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Welcome Back! Outfit Post Styling Fishnet

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Now don’t kill me or be confused, I know I’ve been posting here since I moved from FUNKEOLOTU.COM but I have not been consistent because of Education. About that! spotlight falls on me, guess who’s a graduate! *flips hair and laughs with my tongue out.

I am a graduate and I am so proud of myself and my growth, I have learnt a lot in my 4 years in the University, that sounds so good, I should say that again, I’ve learnt alot in my four years in the university… from loosing friends to being regarded as a disgrace to womanhood (feminist ish) to dating for a day (don’t be suprised, you will understand when I write about it) and coping with a course of study that I do not like.

All that will be coming up on the blog really soon.

I have been away from the blog because of my studies really, I mean final year was not easy at all! I fell sick like I have never been; was admited thrice, found out something important about my health so I had a lot to deal with, I was also not smart with the choice of my project topic because it was broad but my God came through, the journey was not an easy one so I decided to let the blog be because I did not want to be delivering half baked posts here.  You guys deserve only the best and that’s what I’m about.

I’m sorry for the impromtu break and thank you for forgiving me in advance, hope you stick around with me because I will be blogging about every bit of my journey as a fresh graduate, the funny, the bad, the good and the ugly.



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The Fishnet trend is my favourite trend, I can’t pick between the Jelly sandals and the fishnet. Talking about jelly sandals and fishnet? that will be a perfect combo. another outfit inspiration eh?

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I love Fishnets and I’ve been wanting one for the longest but to me they are not reasonably priced so imagine my joy when I saw this thrifted white piece for #800 and it was in a perfect condition.

I have seen influencers style their fishnets in different ways and I wanted to style mine in an urban cool kid way, so I styled mine with this beautiful ankara pant, a white shirt that I tied, bag pack, blue heels, natural hair slayage and all my usual spice. Who else is in love with my hair BTW.

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Enjoy the pictures and share your thoughts, I’ll love to hear from you.

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How would you style your white fishnet?

I would love to hear from you!

Take care sugar.



22 thoughts on “Welcome Back! Outfit Post Styling Fishnet

  1. Congrats on being a graduate love nd U’re totally forgiven lol. I’ve bin admiring ur hair since i saw ur pic with it on IG. Love d style especially d fish net incorporation. Can’t wait to read more on ere. Missed you btw 😘😘😘

  2. Nice to have u back Funke…missed reading your stuffs…dating a guy for a day? wanna know how that went..would be expecting more from you…and yes finals are stressful just finished mine too…🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒girl

  3. Heyy Funke. Saying it’s good to have you back wouldn’t be correct cause I’ve been away myself and only got back recently, lol. Because of the same reason, school. And I’m not even in my finals yet, that’s scary. I’m looking forward to your posts on lessons from school and life as a graduate because I know it’s going to be super truthful. I love your hair and everything about the outfit. xx
    2 Months Hiatus : Where have I been?

  4. I know everyone is about your fishnet, but the sandals are what got my attention. I wanted to get that exact style and color some weeks ago from Ali but my card got declined. You’ve just fueled my desire! I can see how it would look!

    Congrats graduate!!

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