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Styling An Oversized Sweater


How you doing?
I promise I have a good explanation for not posting.
I represented my school for the British Parliamentary debate at FUTA and it held for 4 days, Monday – Thursday and I had zero time for the blog, sadly we didn’t win because it was new to us and the trip was like a training programme, but I learnt a lot and I’m more determined to educate myself more!
I wanted to do a little documentary post like stuff but my camera failed me.
How have you guys been since we last met?  Fine I hope?  And I hope you’re not under the weather like me and out there worrying about things you have no control over, because I noticed that I’ve been worrying about certain things that I have no control over and I’m determined to stop,  I’m an over thinker and I feel like I need to be ready for the worst, I mean the world is cruel but I forget that how I see the world matters.

Any fan of oversized sweaters here? I won this sweater in school by answering a riddle at a show and since then I’ve pretty much worn it everyday, This shirt is from a student owned brand, and what I love most about it is the comfortable feeling.

I styled it with my black pants, Jelly Sandals and socks and for an extra look, I tucked it in, added a belt and a bag pack, Which Look is your Favorite?

Y’all My photographer is Lit! I love my pictures so much!

His IG handle – i_am_karma__



Sweater – Raccooncouture

Pants – Gifted

Jelly sandals – Gifted

Black socks

Hand made Belt

Bag pack – Thrifted

28 thoughts on “Styling An Oversized Sweater

  1. This is so nice, Funke! I’m a huge fan of oversized sweater…I always overwear mine too until it wears out and I’d pass to the next generation.

    I love how you tuck it it…would try and try that sometimes, maybe when I shed some weight ?

    Can I borrow your photographer????

  2. Melanin popping ?? love d sweatshirt especially d colour. M always down for oversized nd how u styled it z really cool too. Awwnawwn u represented ur skul, way to go darl ?

  3. oshey smart girl!! your melanin is popping Likkkeee. your photographer is such awesomeness I am jealous!! lol. anyways I absolutely love this outfit. the pictures and everything

  4. Wow! this blog is officially my new obsession. I love everything here and your style is epic.
    New fan from Kenya, waiting for more.

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