How I lost FUNKEOLOTU.COM and Advise for bloggers

by António Soares:


It’s been so long that i don’t know where to start,  I imagine that a lot of you have questions to ask like where have I been, what happened to FUNKEOLOTU.COM and other questions that if not addressed in this post you can leave below.

You see life happened so quickly and it hit me hard, if you did not know,i’m in my final year in Elizade university studying microbiology and it has been a very rough final year for me, see when they tell you that the higher you go, the easier it becomes, don’t believe them, it’s a lie!Scam!

I don’t even want to start.

What happened to FUNKEOLOTU.COM?

My blog domain was due for renewal on Godaddy, it was 7 thousand naira I think, and I  of course was ready to pay but I could not pay with my ATM and I tried my friends card but we could not pay because of the naira dollar issue and I decided to move to QSERVERS 3 days before my domain name expired, I was billed 7,700 for the domain name and hosting because I was still on WordPress, (I mapped my domain to WordPress) and I was to get a code that I have requested for before and I used the EPP code that was given to me before. I payed Qservers and downloaded WordPress all this with the help of a friend that works at the ICT section of my school.

Everything was supposed to be fine until I got a message stating “what happened to your blog, it’s not opening” and I checked and “your domain has expired…bla bla bla” welcomed me, I was angry, confused, bitter because I have been stressing myself with trying to get help and I payed for what i was supposed to pay for and still nothing worked out, I went back to my friend at the ICT and that was when I discovered that the EPP code I used at Qservers had expired and there was no way of getting another one because my domain had expired, I started getting discouraged and angry that all my effort went to waste and days passed and I did not want to even check my blog and tests were keeping me busy.

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The next thing was that if I wanted my domain back I will have to pay 80dollars, as a student! in this recession! 80 dollars was not in my budget at all and I wanted to start something and after reading online and asking professionals I discovered that my domain name may not be released till after 3 months or more and that was it for me, I could not sit around and wait for 3 months or longer to pass.

So my best friend took the initiative to buy OLOTUFUNKE.COM for me and I was so happy that he did that, he noticed how down I was feeling when anyone asked about my blog, so he helped me with the importation and exportation of my posts, and everything I needed, I changed the theme to this present one (that I hope you like) and deleted some old posts and edited the old ones .

So fast forward to now that I am writing this post, I want to say a big thank you to those that sent messages,dms,emails and called me..If you want us to be close friends and you want my number, tell me!

I really appreciate, some days I just remember the text I got the other day and that will make me want to keep going cause I have to tell you, running a blog is not easy at all!

Advise for Bloggers

Renew a month before

There’s still time was my excuse for not renewing earlier, if I had done what I needed to do earlier, I would not have gotten myself into any mess.


 Be picky with your hosting services

Qservers is Nigerian based so I know that when i’m about to renew there will be no online issues compared to paying to an hosting service that is outside the country.


Don’t get a domain name if you are not ready for the stress

Ready in every sense of ready, although I have to say getting a domain name makes you appear more professional, it’s better to maintain your or than to get your domain name then disappear and be looked on as an unserious blogger.

I bet there are still people waiting for a post on FUNKEOLOTU.COM and it makes me sad anytime it pops up in my head, so you could help me spread the word about the change, I’ll really appreciate!


Remember that blogging is a journey

We learn and improve daily, don’t beat yourself up over something that you should have done but you’re just learning about, be grateful for learning.

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What do you think of my new blog? do you like the theme? missed me? which type of post can’t you wait to see, I want to know, leave me a comment!

35 thoughts on “How I lost FUNKEOLOTU.COM and Advise for bloggers

  1. Awesome welcome back……keep posting dear the sky is your beginning… I see you going places #Godfirst #teamfunkeolotualwasy #Godiswithyou #strongwoman

  2. Wow welcome back!
    I’d be sure to renew a month before expiration!(thanks for the tip) oh and please let me know Q server’s performance over time.
    We are looking forward to great posts from you, I know I am! ?

  3. This was exactly what happened to me. I lost my whole database because I didn’t backup my files. I lost everything I blogged for a year after paying $15 and an extra redemption fee of $80, totally $95. I wanted to cry. I was ready to pay $150 to recover my files from GoDaddy database but after calling their customer care, I leant that the grace period had expired and even if I payed the $150 I won’t still get my files back. I felt terrible. This was all due to poor management because I didn’t handle the technical aspects of the blog. I didn’t even know how to explain it all when I started fresh on a Nigerian hosting server but I sha learnt my lesson.
    I think am now writing a new blog post altogether, lol. Welcome back girl, come and serve us goodness!

    1. Wooooooo….when I thought my story was bad, I feel like crying for you, I mean all that money and wasted energy…it’s painful!
      thanks for stopping by and i’m here to drop it like it’s hot!

  4. I can’t imagine loosing all my content that I’ve worked so hard to create, so I’m glad your pushing through. And thank God for ever supportive friends. The whole hosting stress is one of the reasons I’m yet to get a domain name but as you said and I agree, a domain name is more professional. Will definitely take this post into consideration when I finally get a domain name. Welcome back!

     Princess Audu 

  5. What an ordeal! Glad you finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t imagine losing my domain because I now how much effort I put into this blogging business. Girl you are blessed to have a support system that has helped you get right back and I am sure you have come back in full force. Keep shining. My face time here by the way.x

  6. I can’t even imagine this happening to my fellow blogger with a lot of great content. The effort and and time put into blogging. Procrastinating is just the devil’s work. Thank God for your friend who helped with the new domain. I’m glad you are definitely back to blogging and I’m indeed loving the new theme.

    Bernie, xx

  7. Ayee welcome back. Thankful you had someone who could help with everything. I actually just heard of Qservers this weekend and I’m thinking of shifting. How’s their service?

  8. Wow.. Sorry.. Saw your IG post.. You were featured on my Couz 30 days with student entrepreneur.. You know?? You work out a lot lol.. Welcome back too.. IG : @femisblog ,

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