Why you should Stop Wearing Underwear

Hello ladies!

Get in here and let’s talk about going commando ( not wearing underwear )

I go commando all day, everyday unless when red letter visits of course, I have to confess that it’s one of the best decisions have taken in my life….lol

Its so rewarding and now I cannot imagine wearing panties

Jewel’s (My vagina’s) health Is something I take very seriously, one little change can cause issues down there so I try my best to keep it in shape.

But who names their vagina jewel tho, but we shall regard the vagina as jewel through out this post.

Not wearing underwear is something I just keyed into naturally, from rushing to go for lectures and wearing anything without underwear because am always naked in the hostel ???then feeling very comfortable to reading about it to know that it helps the vagina’s ecosystem stay happy.

Let me tell you some benefits of going commando

– Allows the external genitals to dry and reduces bacteria growth that could otherwise make its way into your urethra and cause a bladder infection,” says Dr. Sherry Thomas, an OB-GYN and surgeon at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California on CNN’s “fast and easy tips.”
– It makes me feel more comfortable, I feel like its just me & jewel in the world.
– No VPL (Visible Panty Line) – This is a major fashion disaster that you can prevent by being more comfortable. when I’m on my period I’m always very conscious as to if my pant line is showing, I can’t imagine doing that everyday!

– Makes me feel more sexy – I feel random bursts of pleasure throughout the day?. you just have to go commado to know for yourself.
– It affects your relationship – Whisper in his ears that you’re alone down there and watch his lust level soar into space.

– Jeans are a lot easier to wear – you just slide them on, this is me everyday!
I can remember seeing a girl take off her jeans and she was wearing a tight, I can’t imagine how hot & moist it will be down there and doing that continuously can lead to the jewel having a foul smell.


– Cost efficient – No buying of panties


– Lazy girl efficient – Imagine taking a shower without washing anything? Yea. Thats the good life I’ve been living ??
So with all this benefits I hope I have convinced you not to add a layer of suffocation down there and embrace your freedom.

But hey a sexy lingerie sometimes won’t hurt.


Going commando?  Not? What do you think?  Is this something you’re willing to try out?

Leave a comment, I’ll love to hear from you.

70 thoughts on “Why you should Stop Wearing Underwear

  1. Funke ooo!! I can’t stop laughing. This post is even better than I expected. You’re trying o. I don’t think I can go commando just like that. ?? For real, I don’t calculate my period days and my panty save me from leaking on the first day. I can relate to the jeans part though. I don’t like wearing panty with jeans. And oh, finally taking my squats serious.

    1. You’re taking your squats serious, thank you lord.
      And it’s actually easy once you start ?? and for your period just download “the Calender app” and you’re good to go

  2. Like you, I’m almost always naked at home. However, I don’t think I am that comfortable going commando everyday (outside the house) especially when I wear a lot of short clothing. I wear thongs all the time I am not on my period and enjoy seamless underwear too—they both help alleviate the VPL issue. I read Ajibike’s comment above and I can’t believe you girls are so comfortable wearing jeans without undiess–that’s one thing I sure know I’m not bec I don’t like the thought of my vag constantly rubbing on denim 🙁 lol Otherwise, kudos to you, Funke!! <3

      1. Lol now that you said it doesn’t feel like that I will try it even once 🙂 And as much as I would want to feel air as I grace my walk on this Earth, the thought of Los Angeles pollution getting to it makes me feel icky…plus, perverts -_-

  3. hahaha, love dis post. New ere so hello 🙂 I don’t wear bras lyk everyday lol, I’m a small actually so I don’t even need one. panties tho, I shud try dat out soon maybe tomorrow 😉 thank you, I feel normal again lol

      1. ok so I tried going commando and it felt great lol, for two days now, tried it with jeans trousers nd den a dress nd it wasn’t bad @ all lyk I felt sexy nd all nd der was dis freedom too lyk it z d best feeling eva. y’all shud try it 😀

  4. Lmaoo girll…. Let me tell you about my commando life, it’s litt!! When I’m at home, what is a panty? What is a cloth? I cannot be bothered but heyyy my level have not reach this your own of going outside like that haha… OK maybe I have but it’s not as consistent as yours I guess. Besides I feel not all clothing materials are good to be touching jewel so in such cases ….panty action! This is a great post lol

  5. Omg!!!! This was me last year.. I stopped wearing because I was forced to wear a short flowing gown in a very awkward situation and I felt so conscious about my body lol.. Willing to give this a shot soon

  6. Oh Lord!!!… Lol… I wish it were possible for me really.. Before, I used to wear camisole or singlet under every cloth I wear even if it is not transparent. Now it kind of makes me uncomfortable so I wear just bra. Going commando is something tbh am scared of trying. Would start from home tho but going out, that’s like a nightmare.
    Nice one tho’.

  7. I looove going commando (indoors) especially back when I was in the hostel (best feeling in the world);But ever since I got home I’ve been more limited. About the jeans, I agree with Katrina. It’s a no-no, I get sore when it rubs on the jeans. And I’m not comfortable going commando outside the house. I always have this feeling that I’m naked and everyone can see that I’m not wearing any undies (weird).

  8. Lol. This post though ??. Jewel, what an apt name. ? I only go commando when I wear certain dresses and when i’m home of course. Gosh, The freedom!!!
    I can’t stand it with jeans though because I wear my jeans at least ten times before I wash once (covers face). I can’t imagine having Jewel go through all that rubbing that number of times. I’d be so grossed out. ?

    Absolutely loved the post!
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  9. this is cute post, i felt that I wouldn’t dare to go comando, sometimes I even do not dare to take out my bra when I go to bed…maybe because i’m not alone in the room. hehehe XD but now I’m learning.

  10. Actually going commando is not as bad as it sounds. I started going commando February. My first time’s more like a mistake… I was already outside my gate before I remembered I wasn’t wearing panties, I could go back to change but I didn’t and I must confess, it wasn’t bad and so I continued 😉 It’s weird yes but the feeling is great plus it’s good for my baby.

  11. Oh wow, you ladies are wild! Lol! Whilst I agree with some of it’s benefits, don’t think I can go commando outside, especially not in jeans. At home however, I do go all out. I wear close to nothing when going to bed. 😛

    Funmi x

  12. Lmao.
    So I stumbled on your page this morning, through a comment you made on one blog, I came this morning, and I was stucked, buh my ba3 no gree make I finish reading all your post, BTW, did I tell you how much I love this your blog theme and the arts.

    Now, to commando. Gurlllll, how the hell do you it, chai, I can’t even think of it, I dey wear pant, people still dey stare ( very awkward glances, some guy once came up to me, and told me he loved my ass, the way it wriggled, I was like….jisox),I should no comman wear pata again, haaaa.
    The day I wore a skirt without thight, I wore only pant, my friend had to call me aside saying ‘Seyi, shey u no wear pant today Ni,your yansh just dey fly without control’, I wasn’t comfortable, left lectures ooo.

    Commando is a no no for me abeg.

  13. Dude.. I must honestly be such an alien because I can never in my life imagine doing this! I, like some people in the comments, wear so many layers e.g. camisoles under shirts that aren’t even transparent etc. I couldn’t possibly imagine doing this! Kai, it’s so interesting to see different perspectives lmaooo maybe one day

  14. Wheew! The scrolling down was real…yess!!!
    I feel a lott sexier when im naked underneath, its weirdly empowering. Nd so true on the time efficiency, cost and lazy girl efficiency😂😂
    I love this post babe🙌🙌
    You’re not the only one i, i secretly wonder at girls who wear tights and jeans, like i dont even like wearing pant nd you wear tights😲

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